Furo na prova de Xian-Jin Li para Hipótese de Riemann

O matemático Terence Tao, ganhador da medalha Fields em 2006, aponta “furo” na prova de Xian-Jin Li para a famosa Hipótese de Riemann.

Segundo Tao, a equação (6.9), da página 20 do artigo, é impossível!

Abaixo algumas palavras de Terence Tao sobre o furo na equação (6.9):

It unfortunately seems that the decomposition claimed in equation (6.9) on page 20 of that paper is, in fact, impossible; it would endow the function h (which is holding the arithmetical information about the primes) with an extremely strong dilation symmetry which it does not actually obey. It seems that the author was relying on this symmetry to make the adelic Fourier transform far more powerful than it really ought to be for this problem.

Que pena …

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